Imagine One Love

Home Childcare

Imagine all the people, sharing all the world; let’s get together and feel alright!

Hi there! We’re Rebecca and L.A. We’d like to welcome your family to join ours! What makes us right for you? Here’s a glimpse at our daily activities:

Musical Play: singing, dancing, and playing instruments such as bells, rattles, guitar, xylophone, keyboard, and hand drums (including djembe).

Good Food: Most of the ingredients We use are organic and GMO free, and We don’t serve processed or prepackaged foods. We urge children to take part in food preparation, and will gladly cater to special diets such as gluten-free, dairy free, nut free, vegetarian, etcetera. My family’s diet consists mostly of raw fruit and veg.

Arts and Crafts: This includes a wide array of activities such as painting, building, sculpting, designing, making costumes, colouring, and writing. As well as a childcare provider I, L.A am an illustrator and painter so i have lots of experience and tricks of the trade to share with children of all ages.

Story Time: Some of our favourite story books are by Dr. Seuss and Robert Munch, but we enjoy making up our own stories too. As well as a childcare provider I, Rebecca am a young adult fantasy author, so I highly value children’s exposure to literature, have a nice sized collection of children’s books, and encourage children to bring books from home or the library.

Outside Time: We love to hangout at parks and to go for walks and adventures. We urge children to bring bikes, scooters, roller blades, etcetera (and helmets of course). Many activities such as musical play, story time, and crafts happen outside as often as possible.

No Television:  We do not have cable in my home. On very few occasions, such as on some of the very cold days this past winter, we may watch a pre-parentally-approved and carefully selected movie such as Ferngully or The Lorax.

Take Home Journal: Each child has a take-home journal that is used to aid in communication between parents and ourselves. We like to include photos, artwork, and notes about our daily activities and meals.

Other Important Points

  • We have two care providers , so you can rest assured your child is always receiving the attention they deserve

  • This is a smoke-free environment

  • Our family includes a very friendly small collection of animals; a dog (Collie/Shepherd) and three cats

  • Many plants inside help to keep the air healthy and fresh

  • I have qualificaions in First Aid and CPR through St. John’s Ambulance

  • We highly encourage parents to visit unannounced

  • We’re excited about learning languages like ASL, Spanish, Mandarin, and French

  • We’re located in Elora, N0B 1S0

  • All ages are welcome

For further details or to arrange an interview, contact Rebecca: 226 500 1219