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Hi there! 

Imagine One Love Home Daycare is looking for a new friend. 

I’m taking a few classes from Sept 5th to Nov 28th and I’m looking for someone awesome to hangout with some amazing little munchkins while I’m out.

I need someone who is available Mondays 6:30-8:30 PM, Wednesdays 4PM-6PM, and Fridays 4PM-6PM. I could potentially provide more hours if that’s what the right person is looking for. 

Pay would start at $14/hour but more for more children. Most of the time you’ll be looking after one or two children, occasionally three, rarely four. The little ones are 8 months, 12 months, 22 months, and 4 years. 

If interested please start by checking out this page to learn a little more about myself and my childcare. If we seem like a good match, email me with a little information about who you are: your childcare experience, interests, hobbies, etc. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

(We’re located near Riverside Park in Guelph, ON,)


Just sharing some things that are working well for my family and I! So many popular products are designed for profit over anything else. I’d love to keep my shopping list 100% organic but honestly I don’t have the money or the time, nor do many other Moms I know. Here are some natural alternatives  that I would have like to have seen when I found out I was expecting my daughter Kasaira.

Cloth Diapers: Do you like the sound of cloth diapers but feel that you aren’t quite up to that much extra laundry? Well in Guelph (and Kitchener, Cambridge, TO, and probably many other cities) we’re lucky to have a selection of diaper services to chose from. My family use Bear Bottoms, which is $19.95/week (very reasonable as compared with the price of disposable diapers) These diapers are very easy to use, with simple snap poppers (not the cloth and needle your grandmother might have used!). Care is simple – put the dirty diapers in a Bear Bottoms pail & these will be picked up weekly and clean ones dropped off. We’ve never used disposable diapers but I can’t really see them having any benefits!

Keeping Sensitive Skin Clean, Dry, and Healthy– When my daughter was first born, I felt sure (due to advertising  probably) that wet wipes were the best way to keep her clean. However when she began to look pretty sore after a few days I listened to my mother’s advice of just using a spray bottle of water and organic cotton pads or a reusable cloth. (I was even using the “environmentally friendly” wipes for “sensitive skin”.) Now I just use these wipes occasionally to wipe my own hands if we are out and I’m unable to get to a sink – mine are tougher so can handle the harsh chemicals that make my baby’s skin tender. Since switching away from wet wipes Kasaira hasn’t looked sore and has hardly had a spot of diaper rash. Also we always give her time to dry completely before applying cream or putting her new diaper on.

Soap – Black Soap (available from “The Shea Butter Man” in Quebec St Mall, Guelph) is an affordable, natural soap that is great for anyone’s skin, especially babies’. It is made out of plantain skin, cocoa pod, palm oil and kernel. (

Shea Butter- Kasaira loves being massaged, especially if I coat my hands in Shea butter first to moisturize her skin. According to the Shea Butter Man’s website, “100% Pure Shea Butter is a superior moisturizer, with extraordinary healing properties for various skin ailments as well as several natural anti-inflammatory agents.Africa Shea Butter is an edible fruit from the Shea Tree grown in Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso and other Savannah grasslands of West Africa.Shea fruit is an organic product both ecologically safe in its use and in the way it is obtained.” This also provides a great time for you and your baby to enjoy some skin to skin time and for your baby to be naked.

Please feel free to comment if you have anything to add!

Later I’ll post a little about how I prepared for labour, and ended up having a very smooth delivery in a pool in my living room. (Thanks Guelph Midwives! 🙂