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It’s August 13th…. that leaves time to read one more summer romance! Check out my young adult fantasy novel, The Crashes of Waves:

Risen from the ashes; born of the waves. 

Risen from the ashes, born of the waves.

“The mermaid was different, and not just because of her ‘mythical’ connections. Her opinions were strong, and she didn’t seem to think in the same way the people around her did. Sometimes she felt as though she was just on a completely different wavelength to everyone else, living in some kind of parallel universe.”

When Leila starts at her new school she falls madly and irrevocably in love with the charismatic and mysterious Vulcan Kevlar. However, Vulcan is keeping a huge secret from Leila, which he knows he has no choice but to let her in on when he realizes that her life is in serious jeopardy, along with the well-being of the entire human race.

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