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Hi, I’m Rebekah, and I’m a birth doula.

As a birth doula, I provide informational, emotional, and physical support to childbearing families throughout pregnancy, labour, and the postnatal period.

The word doula comes from the greek word meaning “to serve”, and doulas were originally also midwifes.  Today, the word doula is used to describe women who provide support for individuals and families during pregnancy, labour, and birth (in addition to a midwife or OB). As a doula it is my responsibility to help each person I support in the unique and specific way that they need, which means I dedicate much time to getting to know each person’s individual birth wish, expected coping techniques, and likes and dislikes.

My services include, but are not limited to:

  • assisting with coping and relaxation techniques such as breathing, optimal positions, massage, and aromatherapy
  • providing information prenatally on the benefits and risks of interventions during labour (induction, pain medication, etc.)
  • guiding clients in the process of creating a birth wish summarizing hopes and goals for the birthing experience
  • discussing any worries, fears, or concerns about pregnancy, labour, birth, or caring for a new baby
  • providing emotional and physical assistance during labour and birth
  • offering information and support with breast, chest, and bottle feeding

Logistically, this service includes:

  • 2, 3, or 4 prenatal visits
  • attending the birth (I am on-call 24/7 beginning 2 weeks before expected due-date, I will come whenever needed, and stay for 2-5 hours after the birth)
  • 2, 3, or 4 post natal visits
  • access to a small collection of books about pregnancy, birth, and parenting
  • unlimited phone and email support during pregnancy and after birth

During the prenatal visits some areas of discussion we may focus on are:

  • mapping out the birth wish (hospital or home, amount of intervention, other people there, coping techniques)
  • discussing and practicing various coping techniques including positions, massage, water, heat/cool packs, breathing techniques, tools (exercise ball, tub, etcetera)
  • information about what to expect during labour and what your choices are
  • information about forms of induction and pain relief if you deliver in a hospital, including the benefits and risks associated with each
  • practice relaxation techniques
  • some basics of prenatal yoga, prenatal massage and prenatal nutrition
  • emotional and spiritual healing that may rise to the surface during pregnancy and birth
  • providing resources and information about anything else you would like

During the labour and birth, I will be doing whatever is needed, which might include

  • helping you to recognize the signs that labour is coming
  • providing physical support through massage, pressure points, applying hot or cold compresses etc.
  • helping with coping techniques such as moving into different positions, and reminding of breathing techniques
  • assisting with practical tasks like preparing or bringing food and drinks and making phone calls
  • providing support anyone else attending the birth

During the postnatal visits some areas of focus are:

  • how to care for yourself while healing from labour and birth
  • baby’s care, including massage, yoga, and support with feeding (whether breastfeeding, formula, or both)
  • help with practical tasks, including but not limited to meal preparation, light housework, caring for baby

For a very limited time my services are available at half price while I compete my the doula certification process through HALO.

Pricing varies on number of prenatal and postnatal visits required. Sliding scale rates are available to make doula care accessible to all mothers. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation.

519 546 5385