Wow, I’m so impressed with the incredible talent shown by all contestants! It was pretty close, but the winner is Sue Smith with Grenade. Congratulations and thanks for participating in Surviving the Times: Emotional Wellness writing contest. Hope to see more of everyone’s written art in the near future.


Grenade, Sue Smith

When life threw me lemons, I made lemonade.

When my kids threw me lemons, it was like a grenade.

I hold on so tight, ’cause that’s all that I know,

Hoping that love would smother the blow.

Try to make life so you could easily succeed,

By giving you every tool you could need.

Thought I was a good, a natural parent, before,

But it was like being a soldier without going to war.

I don’t know what to do except do my best,

To hold your hand, show you love, and steer you through this mess.

But I see now it’s time that I have to let go,

Just a little and hope the grenade  doesn’t blow.

I have faith in you and the thing that we taught you,

That you’ll do the right things the things that you ought to.

We’ll look back one day, you’ll have kids of your own,

I’ll be there to help you catch the grenades that are thrown.

I’ll always be here for you whenever you need,

But I have to let go, let you take the lead.